He Satisfies You With Good

In a list of benefits that God bestows on those who fear him, David states:

(He) satisfies you with good, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles (Psalm 103:5)

The things that God has given us are not only good….but he satisfies us with them. All of them.

If we are unsatisfied, the problem is not with God.

Years ago, I would find great satisfaction in being able to buy something new… a new TV, some new tech gadget, sports equipment, etc. In fact, on a rainy day or a day in which I found myself “bored,” it did not matter what it was….it was just satisfying to have a mission to leave the house and go buy something new.

This created energy. This gave a sense of purpose.

Yet after returning home with it the joy gradually deflated like air in a balloon.

Back to square one.

David tells us that these things will not bring us satisfaction when they are sought primarily. This joy will pass. It will pass every single time and we have to stay in a cycle to keep this “satisfaction” fed.


First, because only God satisfies us. He HAS to be sought first. He provides you with life; which allows you to function, which allows you to get a job, which allows you to make money, which in turn gives you the ability buy stuff.

Back your praise up a few steps. Praise the source, not the stuff.

Second, he satisfies us with good. We have to meditate on that a bit. This good that he satisfies us with is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. Our marriages, our jobs, homes, relationships, churches, etc. are all good things the Lord has given us. Strive to see it that way.

Third, this surge of energy and purpose that we get when going to buy something new fades. We returned to our tired state. In contrast, the good that the Lord satisfies us with is a “renewed youth.” He is our source of energy, joy, and lasting happiness, reflecting and enjoying the good that God satisfies us with.

Ponder this verse this week.

God satisfies us with good. The good in your life, he has given to satisfy you and stimulate you.

Let that renew your energy. Let that be a channel of strength.

Be of good cheer and enjoy the day he has given you!

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