Federal Vision Telephone Theology

I have heard the question multiple times on Facebook:

“Can anyone point me to the best book critiquing the Federal Vision?”

I have a hard time ignoring this one. My finger is eagerly prone to click the comment button. When it comes to the Federal Vision, everyone wants to know the arguments against it. Then when they ask, they get the same regurgitated answers, “They believe in baptismal regeneration,” “They believe in a works salvation,” etc., and everyone remains on the merry go round, courtesy of quarters with R. Scott’s Clark’s URL on it. In the meantime, Christians continuing nuking this issue in the microwave. They want the answer as to why it is wrong and the case against it, never wondering what the Federal Vision proponents have to say about it, as if they are cowering in their own trench arbitrarily tossing grenades filled with heresy shrapnel. 

In the meantime, the Federal Vision guys have spoken. They are enthusiastic to speak about it. They make offers to debate (no one answers). They point to the Westminster Confession. They want to make things clear. And what do their hear? Crickets. Everyone understands them but them. 

So here is the answer I usually give. I believe it is the most fair answer given that we are Christians and should always seek truth, not slander. If you are one of the trillion people confused about what it is, or are looking for a critique, first look to the primary source. Doug Wilson was examined by his denomination regarding this matter and the issues at hand…..three hours of examination! So first, I encourage you to start there. Seek truth at the source and not in a game a Chinese whispers. Second, Doug Wilson had a very healthy and helpful exchange with Michael Horton on this topic. Take a listen

It may be that you will be left wondering what the big deal is……..

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