Youthful Lust

youthful lustSince many of us were brought up in nominal Christian homes, there inevitably will be certain traditions, whether subconsciously followed or blatantly obvious, that we need to ditch. It is our duty, as part of establishing godly families and descendants, to recognize these “habits” and dispose of them.

Where I lived growing up it was a habit for older men (and sometimes women) to tease kids about how many girlfriends they had. This was always met with an “ewww” but it planted a seed that it was the norm that I should react a certain way to girls, even though it was not naturally on the ‘to do list’ of a 7-year-old. I was even asked by my dentist at each visit the amount of girlfriends I had. Big pimpin’. Now the year is 2014, 26 years later, and people my age are teasing kids with the same questions. Why? Because that is what older folks did to them when they were growing up.

However, we currently live in much different times. Twelve year olds are getting pregnant. Kids are hospitalized after a suicidal attempt because their 5th grade classmate/lover broke up with them. It is presented on the TV, Nickelodeon, movies, in books, etc., that having a girlfriend or boyfriend at a young age is the norm and should be desired. Parents are laughing with their buddies about their kid being in love and setting up mock dates at the local Putt-Putt all in the name of being cute. When their daughter ends up pregnant they are shocked, however, covering it up at the excitement of bearing the name ‘Grandma’ or the anticipation of having a cute baby in the family. In our day in age, in our highly sexualized culture, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Let’s instead point our children to look forward to the joy of marriage Biblically and demonstrate it practically in our own. Inform them of the dangers of youthful lust and relationships in conjunction with God’s design and intent for men and women, boys and girls. Here are 5 more exhortations toward a multi-generational vision.

Any other ‘habits’ or ‘traditions’ with your families?

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