You May Murder, But Not Neglect

murderA guy told me in conversation yesterday that he and his expecting wife have been assigned a “social worker.” Why? They were ‘flagged’ by the doctor because she did not have any appointments in the first 25 weeks of her pregnancy. How dare they! Therefore, the nanny graciously stepped in to help. Thanks be to the nanny state! Now as you read this you undoubtedly have developed this feeling that she did something wrong. She should have had a checkup before 25 weeks! Who doesn’t have a checkup before then? We need the ‘nanny’ for people like her to ensure that they show some responsibility. If you by default thought that, then our system has done its job. It works diligently to do so. It has convinced you that it is irresponsible and selfish to not assure the health of your baby for all those weeks. It is that baby’s right! We must look out for its health and safety!

Yet…… also, at the same time, during the same physical state, has convinced us that it is the woman’s body and she can do what she wishes with that baby. You can kill it, but how dare you not look after its health by seeing the physician? You may murder it if you wish, but you may not neglect it. We care about it, and you……..

Handle the egg carton with care, don’t drop it, unless of course you wish to eat it. 

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