Working From Home: Three Reasons Why I Changed My Mind

working from home

The Decision

After two years of working from home, I have decided that it is necessary to go back into the office and work. Why? Three reasons.

This is, of course, a subject that must be wrestled with individually and based on each person’s specific situation. And at the same time, when people are considering working from home, there tends to be a few common shared reasons ……. or could they be called excuses? In my case that is just what they were.

So let me share the three reasons why I have decided to stop working from home.

1. The “People Business”

So I have a confession. Actually I have a few. First, one of the reasons I began working from home is so I would not have to deal with my co-workers. I was tired of the small-talk, the parties, the gift collections, the ‘gossip.’ It was a major incentive to not have to deal with any of these people, and be in the comfort of my own house.

This is a big reason many decide on working from home. They want comfort. They want privacy. They just do not want to deal with the people. But if we step back for a minute and evaluate, this is actually a horrible reason.

As Christians, we are in the ‘people business.’ There is no escape. Whatever our disagreements or dislikes, we should instead be eager in getting to know these people better, encouraging them, laughing with them, listen to them and the things they have to say.

Instead of secluding myself, I should be including myself in the lives of others. This was one major conviction and reason for my going back into the workplace.

2. Workplace Advancement

Second, before I left, I was tired of having to help everyone in what I felt were the smallest and most petty things. I felt I could not get my workload done having to assist others in their own tasks. Shame on me!

We take a huge loss in isolating ourselves from others in regards to workplace advancement. The well known phrase, “It’s who you know” is a true statement. If you have any plans to move up the ladder or to advance in your organization, you have to be meeting new people and involved with people face to face. People have to get to know you and your capabilities. This cannot happen if you never set foot in the building. 

When I was in the office I was interacting with people from other departments, learning other duties, creating relationships, and making a name for myself within that company. This has basically all been lost since I have been away from there.

This was another major conviction and reason for my going back into the workplace.

3. Productivity

I have two duties at my workplace: 1. I manage our speech recognition program and 2. When I am done with those tasks, I transcribe. Though it is an hourly rate, we can make extra money when we have a high enough productivity.

Now let me be honest, my productivity has gone down working from home. I can even say this was somewhat expected, almost planned. With the comfort of being home I can get other tasks done on the side. No one is watching right?

There is a well know concept found in Colossians that tells us “whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” The wisdom found in Proverbs tells us, “Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lacks sense.”

I have not been working heartily or diligently. I have been doing the base minimum while getting “other tasks” done; multi-tasking. 

This not the habit of a Christian. This is not honest to my employer. Thus, this was the final major conviction and reason for going back into the workplace.

So is it wrong?

Is working from home wrong? By no means. I do think there are situations where it is fitting, and almost necessary, such as someone who is content or reached the maximum standing in their position, someone nearing retirement, doing it for a season, or a position that is fitted for a home setting such as freelancing or a remote business. It may fit your personality and schedule better, perhaps third shift. 

But, if you are young or middle-aged and looking to advance in your organization, I believe the above reasons are sufficient for packing up your lunch and heading back in. 


I look to go back on Tuesday. I look to be in the ‘people business,’ to get back to working diligently and boosting my productivity.

But to be honest, deep down, I do not want to do it; after all it is so comfortable to stay home. But as we all know, it is comfort that can be the real enemy. Time to go against the grain. 


Do you work from home or have you previously worked from home? Are you content or not? Can you relate to the above decision?


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