What In The World’s Up With Nabeel Qureshi?

nabeel qureshi

Who is Nabeel?

Most of us know Nabeel Qureshi: A Muslim turned Christian; an apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, the author of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, a brother in the Lord.

The Unfortunate News

Nabeel broke the news last year of his being diagnosed with stomach cancer. Since then, he has been putting out Vlogs updating everyone on his treatment. Very encouraging to see his faithfulness…..

There has been, however, some “alarming” trends that have surfaced over the sequence of Vlogs.

Now, any of us that have followed Nabeel and benefited from his faithful service know that he’s a sound Christian and keeps himself accountable to other sound and faithful Christians.

This made it even stranger when he began talking about his journey to Bethel Church, his being prophesied over by two ladies leading to a divine experience at the chiropractor, to his new views on healing and prophecy, to his latest Vlog where he saw Jesus in a dream!!

Many are concerned!

What in the world has come over Nabeel?

Things Got Real

Well…..for Nabeel, things got real.

You see, we believe in Jesus, we read our Bibles, we pray when we can…… But we, in our American comfort, are rarely in a situation where our lives truly depend on him. I mean, it does, but until a trial comes like this, we are not pushed to this sort of acute awareness.

This is not to put a guilt trip on anyone. I myself rarely truly live, in a practical sense, as if everything depends on Jesus and that my life is really but a vapor. Of course I believe that, of course I cling to Jesus in all things, but it is not a sort of acute awareness that happens when you are faced with a life potentially cut short, and faced with the thought of how those closest to you will fare.

In these circumstances, things get real. The questions get real. The theology in our head is forced to practicality, and we may not have gone far enough down this road until now.

So given these strange events, should we be concerned about Nabeel?

Quite the opposite…

A man gets diagnosed with cancer and his reaction is to seek out a place where God is said to be miraculously healing people. Sure there may have been some “fishy reports” about Bethel (there could be a whole post about whether this is truly so), but should we really be condemning this man for this? What is wrong here?

Perhaps we should be learning from him. He is joyful in the midst of trials and discomforts. His walk with Jesus seems to be more intimate and personal than it was before. I commend!

We live in a day, where if you are considered a serious Bible reader you are by default a cessationist. Any time the word healing or prophecy is used, we get a little edgy and defensive. Yet when things get real, as it has with Nabeel, as it has with any cancer diagnosis, as it will be for 1 in 2 men or 1 in 3 women, it just may be a good time to really dig into the validity of that position.

So should we be concerned?

Quite the opposite...

Some ladies deliver prophecies or knowledge to him. These turn out to be in line with what news he receives at the Chiropractor. Hmm, sounds like something out of the Bible (minus the chiropractor).

Nabeel sees Jesus in a dream. Either he did or he did not. Either he did or he is a liar. This goes for the multitude of people who also claim the same. Well, the Bible is full of dreams and visions in which God reveals something to someone; from beginning to end. Peter was even said to have gone into a trance. Hey, it’s in the Bible!

So what if it were me? Travis you have stomach cancer, you have five years tops. What am I going to do? Would I take a trip to Bethel Church? Well, reports have come out of that place of God healing people…why would I not??? Let me grab my Bible. Hmm…unless I devise some complicated doctrine to prove otherwise, there is a lot of healing here…in fact, there are gifts of healings (plurals!) given to Christians for the edification of the body. Again, why would I not?


Nabeel, God heals. Well all know it when we read his Word. Yet, when Christians do not pursue this, they don’t see it. Christians overseas pursue it and see it. We don’t, so we measure this truth by our own unbelief.

Keep pushing on brother. Keep Vlogging and keeping your weight up. People, keep praying! Keep seeking after and drawing closer to our miraculous God!

Side note: Read Jack Deere’s two books: Surprised by the Power of the Spirit first, and Surprised by the Voice of God second. Aaaaaand case closed on the matter. These two books were a huuuuuge blessing to me, and I know they will be to you as well.

Second Side Note: Yes I know there are no footnotes, scripture references, etc. I wrote before about my crossover to continuationism and it was not the point of this article to present some sort of term paper.


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