The Twitter Trigger Finger

A brief note on the complex issues regarding Ferguson, Eric Garner, etc. There are many factors here that leave Christians thumb-tacked all over the map. I don’t wish to go there with this post, but instead have one important suggestion that I believe all Christians should take into account regarding social media. 

As people that desire truth, lets make sure we are representing it in all walks of life, especially with social media. Lets not re-tweet, Like, or post articles that we have not read or given time to test the authenticity of (as our capacity allows). We should be concerned about promoting false information while also hypocritically criticizing the media for doing so.

Here are two examples:

1. This image has been re-tweeted and posted and maligned worldwide:


Here is the real image prior to being viciously photo-shopped:


More information on that found here

2. A Huffington post article states: “A Grand Jury Did Indict One Person Involved In Eric Garner’s Killing — The Man Who Filmed It”

The title of the article suggests that the same Grand Jury, who dismissed the Eric Garner case, indicted the guy who filmed it. The truth is, if you actually read the article, that this man was indicted on a separate charge earlier that month, yet people worldwide again are viciously re-tweeting and posting it on social media.

In conclusion, if you have done this out of ignorance (as I am sure I have), that is fine. Just change your ways and seek the truth. If you have done this and feel angry at me for asking you to stop, then you have a deeper issue. I say this with a gentle and humble request to not join in the lies and provocation of the media, but to seek to present the truth as far as you are able. Your Twitter trigger finger is sometimes better holstered. 

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