TOTM: Religious Exemptions to Vaccines

Tactics of the Media

On the vaccination issue the media is one-sided. The HHS has asked that it be portrayed in that way. The studies are clear and there is nothing left to question. Yet, there are many who do question and come to the realization that it is not at all so easily settled. While the media continues to dabble in dogmatism, not everyone is buying it. Yet, the majority will. Why? Because of articles such as this opinion piece from the NY Times. It’s emotionalism will have most convinced. Leave it to liberals to not only attack religions, but to find extremists and paint them as the norm. The article singles out two churches who not only do not vaccinate, but are against physicians, because they claim they only need Jesus to heal them. There were supposedly at the root of the 1991 Philadelphia “measles epidemic.” Now all Christians believe in a miraculous God. At the same time, God has graciously given us physicians as a means of healing. If our children are ill, sure we pray for them; and at the same time we take them to those whom God has given wisdom to treat the treatable sickness. Unfortunately, the article takes the radical view of these two “fundamentalist” churches, twists it to be the “religious norm,” spills the “horror” of when the children were finally treated, then lectures on how Christian history has always been for the care of children, how Jesus found them of great importance, and then ties it all together to lie at the filthy feet of those who refuse to vaccinate in the name of “religion.”

Parents shouldn’t be allowed to martyr their children.” Religion is bad. Religious exemptions are worse. Vaccines are dogmatically good. What would Jesus do? 

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