The Scarcity of Time

As we get older, time becomes more scarce. If we don’t check ourselves every now and again, it can slip away from us. Unlike other things, we cannot get it back. Here are two common instances in our day and age where it can regrettably happen:

Living Paycheck to Paycheck

There are many, many individuals and families out there living paycheck to paycheck. If you give this some thought, or have ever been in this situation, you can attest that time flies!….. and it flies despite our knowledge of it happening.

Let me explain: You are broke. Bills and expenses are coming in. You get paid and you catch everything up just to find yourself out of money again. Lets say you get paid bi-weekly. You now have 10-12 more days to get by on nothing. For 10-12 days you have no absolutely no drive or ambition except to quickly get ahead to the next check. Thus, 10-12 days go by with only a short-term goal of getting to the next check, and to hasten the days until then. After wastefully passing these days, you receive the next check, catch back up, and start another 10-12 day cycle.

You will soon enough find yourself wondering where the months and years went. You will think you have only been doing this for several months but in reality it is several years or more. Your days will be wasted apart from your acknowledgement of it.

Job Complacency

This one is tricky. We all need to work and we all must make money and provide for our families. Fortunately, some very much enjoy their jobs and see it as part of their life. Amen.

Unfortunately, and more often, many do not and see it as a means to an end. For these, there is an easy rut to fall into. It is called complacency. You learn the job well and you make your money. You make ends meet and think how fortunate you are to at least have a job. But I promise you, if you continue in this complacency, you will one day realize you have been there for 20 years.

In addition, more times than not, you had long before that very moment been “looking into doing something different.” But you have the routine down, and the paycheck is guaranteed every other Thursday. Many will find themselves there 20, 30, maybe 40 years, all while unsuccessfully planning to plan to look for something else they would rather do, and in return have wasted their life. 

As we get older, the one thing we cannot get back is time. It progressively becomes more scarce. We have it while we are young and lose it as we age. People become old and look back in disappointment that they spent that many years wasting the days until the next paycheck or working a job they always felt to be meaningless. 

Take some time to reflect on this. Do you need to move into a smaller house or cut some expenses? Is now the time to make that resume and find another job? Should you start a savings fund? Are you waking up each day looking to make the most of it or passing it quickly on the countdown to Thursday?

Time is scarce, and we lose it as we get older. Make some changes today.

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