The Bible In 180 Days

Amid all the Planned Parenthood atrocities, the double digit GOP candidates, Dow drops, and whatever else pops up next, we need to remember to, more than ever, read God’s word and read it diligently. It is great to be involved in politics, economics, and social issues, as the Bible speaks to all. However, let me give a friendly reminder to remain diligent in giving time to reading God’s word daily and feasting on the meat. 

To make this easier, I want to encourage you not by giving an empty exhortation, but by putting something in its place. What if we read God’s word twice yearly? We all can agree that would be a great thing, but maybe not likely. Why not? A million reasons could be given, and those millions can be refuted, but that is not my point. Here is what I propose:  

  1. Starting Monday, September 7 (Labor Day) I will be sharing a 6 month chronological Bible reading plan that I think is just superb. 
  2. I will be sending out a daily email in the wee hours of the morning that will be concise and brief, and awaiting you at your rising. 
  3. This email will give you the a.) Passages for the day and b.) A brief note or notes on the context of the passage to set you up. 
  4. This will not include anything in-depth, any particular denominational bent or theology. 
  5. It will contain only a brief context for you to read to set you up for your passage. There may be an occasional map to help personalize. 
  6. This is solely so that you do not approach the reading with a particular bent or expectation, but instead be led by the Holy Spirit in your reading. Remember, God speaks through His word!
  7. There will also be scripture memory, one verse a week that you can memorize if you like. 

That is it! The Bible in 180 days! You set your alarm and wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning. Check your e-mail (probably on your phone which probably would be in your hand), view the context of the passage that I will supply, close it, read God’s glorious word. Six months later you are done……then repeat. 

Sign up here to begin with me on Monday, September 7:


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