That Which You Are Given, Maximize

I remember a decade ago as a new Christian hearing people pray, “God make me usable,” or “God, use me for your work.” 


I found this to be quite confusing. I mean, I can understand the motive and intention, maybe the desire to be more obedient or to grow more in holiness, but to me it always seemed to create an unnecessary division: That there are some things we do for God, and some we don’t. That these people wanted to do “sacred” work and not the everyday common work that is “meaningless” in the sight of God.

But as we know, everything we do should be to the glory of God. In addition, to be used by God is as simple as taking a good look around! He has given us all responsibilities. Some have many of them, some have few.

These responsibilities give us the opportunity to live out the faith we profess.

I agree wholeheartedly with this statement by Dennis Peacocke: “God makes us grow up by giving us responsibility and responsibility begins with exercising authority over some one, some talent, or some task. Without responsibility I would put little truth into practice. The measure of my maturity is how I care for what God has entrusted to me.”


So what is it that has been given to us? What is it that has been given to you?


In God’s economy you originally own nothing. Your ownership is a delegated ownership not an original ownership. You are a steward of that which has been given to you.

This is a foundational perspective. 

Look around. Evaluate your current situation. Regardless of what rung of the ladder you are on, you are a steward of many things already. Have you been given a job, money, a wife, husband, children, property, employees, investments, talents, etc.? These are gifts given to you to steward.

So the next question is, what is your primary duty with these gifts?


Your primary duty is maximization (to make as large or great as possible; to make the best use of). This creates purpose and perspective. This creates responsibility. This allows you to put truth to practice!

In fact, God demands an increase on what he has given us. “Do business until I come…” (Luke 19:13). The faithful servants maximized the pound the nobleman gave them (one 10, the other 5), but the worthless servant buried it.

Ouch…the “worthless servant.”


Everything God has entrusted us with, he expects us to maximize. Either we be will found faithful or will be found “worthless.”

As we are faithful with the present gifts we are given, it creates opportunity to be faithful in more (Luke 16:10). The prodigal son was not equipped to handle his inheritance. He blew it.

Many of us wish that just had more money, not realizing that it may actually be to our disadvantage if we are failing to faithfully steward the little that we already have.

Many of us wish that we would get that promotion at our job, but in the meantime are failing to maximize and be diligent in the current position we are in.


Assess where you are at now, not comparing yourself to others or the “ideal” you, and remember what was said above: “The measure of my maturity is how I care for what God has entrusted to me.” Whatever you have been given, and everything you have been given, aim to maximize it. Care for it. Build it. Multiply it. Be found faithful in the now


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