The Thanksgiving Dissolve

black fridayBlack Friday now begins on Thursday, a Thursday which also happens to be Thanksgiving. Since it now begins on Thursday, it follows that Americans are essentially Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving. This may explain why such a holiday is becoming less and less important and why Christmas trees and festivities are up so early…….

I read an article that stated in order to beat the crowds on Black Friday, hit the stores on Thursday (Thanksgiving) instead. Kind of an odd statement. I wonder what happens when this exclusive news gets out? And what about Thanksgiving? What about time spent with family, giving thanks? Studies show gratitude promotes good health. Fighting for a TV on Black Friday does not. And what about those forced to work instead, having to serve those who choose to bypass the thanks. One guy summed it up this way: 

“I’d prefer to spend the whole day with my family,” said Hector Huayamade, 34, who was shopping at Toys R Us in New York while visiting from Florida with his family. “But the stores are open, so we do it.”

And what happens next year? Black Friday begins even earlier, and in a couple of years we have stores opening the day before Thanksgiving? Two days before Thanksgiving? Black November? Black and empty pocket books, black eyes and another black digit added to the credit card total.

I expect McDonalds will eventually begin serving the McTurkey. One for each kid to munch on in the tent in front of Wal-Mart……

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