Sunnie Kahle and TCS: 10 Questions

Concerning the issues with Sunnie Kahle and Timberlake Christian Schools found here (follow the links for further “developments”).


For the great-grandmother, Doris

1. Do you think it was wise to take your story to the media at the risk of putting Sunnie in the global spotlight and further exacerbating her “issues?”

2. Knowing that there was a three year private history of this matter between you and the school, why in your interview with WSET did your family present the story as if this issue was new to you and that Sunnie had been arbitrarily discriminated against with emotion-driven statements such as:

“How do you label a child, eight years old, or discriminate against an eight year old child? It just don’t happen.”
“How do you tell a child when she wants to wear pants a shirt, and go out and play in the mud and so forth, how do you tell her, no you can’t, you’ve got to wear a pink bow in your hair, and you’ve got to let your hair grow out long, how do you do that? I can’t do that.”
“She cries every morning to get on the bus, she cries when she comes home because she wants to go back to Timberlake Christian with her friends.”


1. How can you publish a story, knowing it will immediately go national (since it is the ‘hot topic’ of the day) with your website as the primary source, based on the interwoven threads of a great-grandmother’s opinion, a “proof-texted” letter from TCS, and your own provoking words (“Sports, sneakers, and short hair; it’s what makes eight year old Sunnie Kahle unique. It’s also what had her removed from Timberlake Christian School.” “Sunnie Kahle has short hair and a huge heart…”) without first getting a little honest background on the situation?

2. Did you consider in your desire for a national headline that there is a young girl struggling with issues and a Christian school with a reputation, both of whom deserve the respect of an honest representation?

3. Do you realize that you (along with the great-grandmother) have furthered the attempt at making this girl a “victim” by beginning the national chain of “awwwwww’s” and “poor girl” emails/mails/calls that could eventually, if not already twist the facts and further convince her that she is a victim and has a “problem?”

For Christians:

1. Proverbs 18:17 states, “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.” Given this verse, should we as Christians be quick to jump alongside the world on these issues before we hear what the other side has to say? 

2. Given that TCS is a Christian school , should we be quick to misrepresent our brothers in Christ before we hear their side of the story and even if we have a problem after hearing it should we seek to handle it in a way opposite to how God’s word tells us to?

For non-Christians:

1. As many of you are knowingly and nationally distorting the story at the hopes of making Christians look bigoted and hateful (as again is the hot topic today), do you realize ultimately, and more significantly, that you are causing more harm to the girl that you are trying to help?

2. As for the anti-Christian “equality” folks, do you see that once again you are doing the very thing to Christians that you vehemently fight to have Christians stop doing to you?

To state the obvious:

1. Do you understand that Sunnie’s guardians were made aware of the school policies and agreed to them when they signed Sunnie up at TCS? Therefore, as a private school, they have the right to enforce those rules when needed. This is a no brainer to all, until Christians are involved, and the obvious goes right out the window.

In conclusion, WSET at the outset inaccurately presented the story. The great-grandmother inaccurately represented the facts setting off a firework of emotions locally and nationally. A little girl is being batted around by the media and misrepresented by those who are claiming to “help.” Christians are being made the dog again. In addition, to look relevant, many Christians are siding with the world in the name of “love” and “injustice.” The humanists even now have have something to pick at. Even Wonder Woman is involved! Oh and by the way, the other side presented its case revealing a three year private history between the school and the family, an invite for discussion, the denial of her being kicked out of the school, a biblical motive for their actions, and their ongoing concern and love for her biblically and emotionally. But hey, forget the other side…… those bigoted Christians, lets make this one a real story……

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