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I love to meet someone who has good stories. I love also to read authors who tell them. Children love to be read good stories and a lot can be taught and learned through such a medium. That is one thing I love about guys like R.C. Sproul or Rushdoony, they are great storytellers and they use this skill to bolster certain points they are making. They also seem to have an endless number of them.

I on the other hand do not.

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It is not that I forget everything, but I often fail to reflect daily on the outworkings of God in my life. Since I enjoy being in the company of those who are great storytellers, why don’t I work on becoming one myself? Maybe you would like to work on this as well. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Look for God’s Providence at work in your life

Redemptive history is one unfolding story. God has revealed himself to man. He told of the coming Messiah. The Messiah arrived and secured salvation for his people. His small band of followers took this Gospel message and changed the world and this continues today. We live under God’s providence. Here is how the Shorter Catechism puts it:

Q. What are God’s works of providence?
A. God’s works of providence are his most holy, wise and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures, and all their actions (Psalm 145:17, 104:24; 103:19; Hebrews 1:3; Matthew 10:29-30; Job 38-41).

He governs his creatures. Our daily affairs are not meanderings, but an orchestrated weaving of God’s providence. John Calvin once stated, “When the world appears to be aimlessly tumbled about, the Lord is everywhere at work.” We should pay close attention to our daily walk and remember that his hand is in it. This brings me to my next point….

2. Keep a diary / journal

This is something that is so profound, has always seemed so profound, yet I just do not do. Keep a journal or a diary of your daily affairs, prayers, and reflect on them. Remember that prayer that you prayed last week and see how God answered it. Some of our greatest stories have a “……then 2 weeks later” to them, and if we do not remember that occurrence two weeks before, then it is not a story at all, and we do not tie the two pieces together.

3. Reflect on your past

Finally, reflect on God’s work in your past. Don’t be hesitant to talk about it (though maybe not all of it), because it obviously leads straight to when God opened your eyes….when you heard the goodness of the Gospel message. This is also important in parenting; being transparent and open about your mistakes and God’s goodness in saving you while you were once enemies with him.


We all love storytellers. Become one. But to become one, you must reflect on the very one you are in. The one under the Providence of Him who created you and orchestrates your life. Stockpile them. Tell your children. Tell your grandchildren…….

Are you a storyteller? What are some other ways to develop this practice? Comment below.

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