Samuel Chadwick: The Path To Prayer

samuel chadwick the path to prayerDiligent prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit often take the back burner among Reformed Christians. Yes I know that we have remarkable men of the faith (Calvin, etc.) that have done great works on the Holy Spirit and prayer, but today’s modern, young, vibrant Reformed Christians, who in their efforts to know God’s word, read great books, and sharpen iron among other Christian, often neglect the discipline of prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. And hey, I am very much talking to myself. 

I came across a small book by Samuel Chadwick, who was a great man of God, taught at Cliff’s College and did so during the enrollment of, and was a profound influence to Leonard Ravenhill. Ravenhill wrote:

I am every grateful that Samuel Chadwick wrote The Path to Prayer. I am more grateful to have heard him speak on prayer and grateful most of all because he prayed. Great theologian he was. Great pulpit master he became. Yet like his Master, he was pre-eminently a man of prayer.

This book is very encouraging and serves as a great piece in exhorting practically the Christian to prayer. Yes it is non-Reformed. Yes it is not Calvinistic. Yes, it may lean a little “holiness” (and of course J.C. Ryle’s Holiness may be “our” book). Yet, it does us good to step outside our own camps sometimes and be able to look in and see our own blemishes. In addition, it is always good to read works by great men of the faith in past centuries. This one is a gem. Here is the book. You can read it in one sitting, or break it up into a few days. And best of all, it is free!

Samuel Chadwick: The Path to Prayer

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