Scripture Memory (ESV)
A 52-week consumable: Volume I
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This scripture memory workbook is not to be placed on your bookshelf or treated delicately. I encourage you to keep this workbook with you, write in its pages, meditate, and memorize. It will withstand its 52 weeks and if used successfully and absorbed, can be justifiably discarded.

The binding is hand-sewn and then glued for extra reinforcement. When opened, it lays flat. In addition, after being sewn and glued with cheesecloth, the binding is sealed with a stylish strip of “Duck” tape of your chosen color. The book is broken up into 52 weeks. Each week consists of four pages: First is the verse to memorize for the week and a space to make notes, second the verse broken down into six days for retention and word study, third for context, writing, word studies, and exegesis, and fourth for any additional notes you record during that week.

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**This workbook visited no publishing company. It was printed, sewn, glued, and shipped from home. It may contain a hint of ink smudges on the edges of some pages. But hey, this is not a book to place on your shelf, but to be handled, memorized, and discarded after a year. The binding is sewn and tight and will withstand quite a bit. Hope you enjoy. Contact me on the About page with any questions or concerns. 

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