Reformed Perfectionists

As I have said before I am so encouraged by the growing number of young men and women who are taking doctrine seriously, especially in the Reformed world. Deep and honest theological discussions are taking place over bible passages, doctrine and the proper practical applications of such.

At the same time, within this Reformed camp there seems to be, especially as demonstrated on social media, a batch of Christians who have ultimately lost tolerance for anyone short of “perfection.” They have closed the gym on those unable to bench the bar.

Today, that wicked group Planned Parenthood was exposed for not only murdering babies (which much of our country applauds), but selling the body parts. As the story erupted there emerged, from what I can tell, four general Christian responses to this.

First, there were the outraged Christians. These are the ones already in the fight against abortion and this obviously fueled the flame. The second group entails those who saw the Facebook post or tweets and simply kept scrolling. In all fairness, maybe they perfectionistsare engaged in other fights or of the type that are currently boarded in, waiting for the rapture. The third group are those who are not known to typically speak out against abortion, but were grief stricken by this news and could no longer stay silent on the matter. The time had come for them to speak out. The fourth group includes the folks initially mentioned above; the perfectionists. Similar to how they respond on other matters, they quickly set to Facebook to blame group 3, those who now decide to speak out on the matter. ‘Where have you guys been all along? Babies have been ripped apart for years and now you are riled up because their parts are being sold???’

Now there is place to call out complacent Christians, inconsistency, or Christians in error. There is a place to eagerly exhort those who are able to scroll past such an article without batting an eye. But it is concerning, when a brother or sister is grieved by a sin and is awakened to speak out on it, just to be cut down for not having previously done so. Fortunately, there is not a deadline to join the gang.

Here is the scenario: There is a man named Bob. He is a Christian but not known for his “activism” on the topic of abortion. He happens to come across the Planned Parenthood article and is devastated. He comes to grips with the fact that he has not spoken out on this and needs to. Given that he is on Facebook, he shares the post. He exposes the fraud. He joins the fight. He may not be a veteran or have philosophically worked out the absurdity of Pro-Choice argumentation, but he simply wants people to be aware of what is going on. Yet, what does he instead see but other Christians mocking those (i.e. him) who are now joining the battle or those who had not systematically worked through all the theological implications of their “inferior” post.

It seems to me at such a time, all orthodox Christians should band together in such a fight. We should rejoice that Mr. Passive has been pushed to Mr. Active. We should then together identify the opposition, in this case being those who murder babies. There was a time each of us can say we didn’t have it all together. Instead of criticizing each other in this matter, lets instead recognize the enemy and exhort each other to good works.

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