Reflective Children

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up (James 4:10)

This current season of my life is one consumed with raising children. Its a good thing to be consumed in and as we are all told it is a season that passes quicker than we would like.

Within this season, especially as they are getting a little older, there are things that children begin to do or say that really, REALLY, strike a nerve. And that very thing they do, for some reason, bothers you more than all other things. Maybe ‘urk’ would be a better term. It it that thing that engulfs any practicality gained from your fruitful morning devotion and essentially turns you into a beast.

What makes this action or behavior so potent? How can the guard come down so easily and your colors make their way out unscathed? Well here it is: Nine times out of ten it is something they picked up and mimicked directly from you and what is getting at you is that you are basically and directly confronting your own self. Your own quick temper, your inability to be slow to listen, your snarky comments, your wrongly handling stress, etc.

However, there is good news in this: This is a great time for growth. Your children will literally mirror back to you your own issues that you in turn need to work on; issues that would not otherwise be so powerfully pointed out to you. It gives you a chance to see outside the box, i.e. your own subconsciousness sins, and as a result, creates an opportunity not to counteract yourself with yourself, but to deal with it appropriately, and hopefully leading to some fruitful discussion with your children.

This is actually a wonderful manifestation of God’s graciousness to us, namely sanctification through childrearing. It is a great chance to practice humility and most importantly repentance and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

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