Parents, Do We Take Too Many Photos? Try Video!

Remember those days where you had to take your camera film and mail it off to get the prints? You had to wait like six weeks for it to come back, but how exciting it was when they showed up in the mailbox!


Well, times have changed and those days are gone. Photos are instant and are stored on our computers.

Quantity of the hyperactive nature

Unfortunately, the importance and that we once gave each photo and the value each one had has been traded for quantity of an almost hyperactive nature.

Here is an example: You have a birthday party for your 3-year-old. You invite a bunch of people and there end up being like 5 digital cameras in the place. Everyone is snapping shots trying to capture the moments, and at the end of the day you have altogether like 700 photos.

That sounds great; 700 photos!

But here is the problem..

…you have so many, that they actually lose their value. In fact, many of us will never look at all of them, if any!

Compare that to the day where you received your 30 or so photos back in the mail and the time the family took to study each one, to now where you have thousands of photos that you may one day decide to sift through (but most likely will not).

I have often wondered if this is just not the most efficient way to capture memories. Are we just wasting time taking hundreds of photos that we will never look at? How can we slow down and make each shot count again. How can we become more intentional about creating better captured memories?

Well here are a few suggestions: 

    1. After each event, learn to delete….a LOT. Only keep a handful of important photos. It is certain that if you have too many you will probably never take time to look at them. Keep only enough to “document” the event.
    2. Take that handful, print them out and make an album. Make lots of quality albums; real, glossy paper, physical book, albums! Label them. Your kids will appreciate them down the road.
    3. Get a video camera and learn to edit video! This is my suggestion. And I don’t mean to take video with your digital camera, but actually buy a camcorder. Most camcorders will let you take photos while you record video.

Each family event or trip take a bunch of video, edit it into a 10 minute clip, and keep it for the kids to enjoy when they get older. If you have a Mac, get iMovie to edit your videos, the program only costs $15! If you have a PC, you can use Windows Movie Maker. Or spend $80 and get a great program like Sony Movie Studio.

As for a camcorder, consider the Canon VIXIA, or even  better the Panasonic V770 if it is in your budget.

Get on YouTube and watch a few instructional videos for whichever editing platform you choose. The basics can be learned fairly quickly, and that is really all you need to make these types of videos.

Though I already have a hobby of tinkering with audio and video programs, I have not until recently decided to use a camcorder more often.

Here is an example of what you can put together within a few hours of editing:

This is of course fun for the kids to watch now, but will especially be a treat when they get older. Go and create some for yourselves!

Do you find yourself taking too many photos that you never look at? Have you changed anything? Let me know about it in the comments. 

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