No One Is Charlie Hebdo

It is astounding that the world has rallied behind Charlie Hebdo in the name of free speech. They believe that one is justified in mockingly ridiculing the god of a religion. In supporting Charlie Hebdo they are supporting the ridicule of all religions and their respective dieties. In supporting Charlie Hebdo they are supporting the homosexual smooch between Mohammed and the editor. They boast that one cannot kill the pencil which in turn is affirming your acceptance of the satire. You may say, well I am not supporting the particulars, but just the principle of free speech, and Charlie Hebdo should have the right to print whatever they like. Yet here is the bottom line: You cannot support Charlie Hebdo in the name of free speech without also supporting free speech, hands down, no limits, across the board.

Would your support change if this type of satire was published in a major printing here in America? David Brooks wrote an article stating:

“If they had tried to publish their satirical newspaper on any American university campus over the last two decades it wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds. Student and faculty groups would have accused them of hate speech. The administration would have cut financing and shut them down.”

Could you imagine……one of the local news companies in New York printing a cartoon with a transgender teenage student being taped to the wall of a bathroom door, while 50 onlookers laugh in ridicule? Could you imagine if it printed a picture of ancient Jews stoning a band of atheist lesbians in a school cafeteria? Would we stand by it in the name of free speech? The liberals would be outraged. Charges would be pressed. Businesses would be shut down. Obama would give a “statement.”

Its hypocrisy. They want freedom of speech, unless it speaks of their religion, humanism.

As for Christians, we should not cheer for Charlie Hebdo either. We applaude free speech, and rightly so, but we are also people who seek truth. Slander is childish. It accomplishes nothing and if anything creates a bigger barrier. We laugh at their ridicule of Mohammed, but when Jesus is portayed engaging in trinitarian sodomy we sober up quick (or at least we should). See, its childish to mock other religions in such a way. If Christians wish to ridicule, do it with legitimate and accurate arguments in primary texts, address the real issues; don’t support blatant and vile mischaracterizations. See, for Christians free speech is important, but it should be truthful. There will be untruthful free speech and slander, and that is fine, but Christians should not support it or engage in it and liberals should be accepting of all speech across the board.

So who really is is Charlie Hebdo?

Liberals are not Charlie Hebdo because they arbitrarily limit free speech on other issues.

Conservatives are not Charlie Hebdo because they ditched any concern of free speech for a platform about gun laws.

Christians are not Charlie Hebdo because we are people of the truth, not vicious mockery.

Who really is Charlie Hebdo? No one. We just happen to love bandwagon politics.

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