No Compromising With Keith Green

This was a great read! Not only a captivating story but a very well written and engaging biography.

keith green

Now listen up: I was born in 1981, dislike hippies, had never listened to Keith Green or even knew much about him before this book. But I can say that I actually had to take a breather before he boarded that plane due to the fact that I felt I had gotten to know him so well through this book, it was hard to bring myself to read the ending!

Anyways, three traits of Keith Green really stood out to me while I read this book:


Keith Green’s zealous nature at first irritated me. As a new Christian he was so zealous in his desire to be faithful in everything that he often came off legalistic and naively harsh. In fact, many people just could not handle his intensity.

But at the same time I found this zeal extremely addicting.


Because these days there are droves of Christians with knowledge but no zeal. We know everything. We debate theology and seem to have answers for everything, but are truthfully making little impact in the world.

We could use much, much, more zeal, even without knowledge (for a time), because that’s the easy part……in 2017 knowledge abounds, zeal is scarce.

Keith Green’s entire Christian walk from beginning to end was in the spotlight, on display for the world to evaluate from his naive beginnings to his seasoned humbleness before his death. The good thing is that the zeal never waned and knowledge was continually gained.

He later came to a profound revelation of God’s grace and really seemed to mellow out in regards to some of the more negative aspects of his zeal. Once these two came together, he truly was a force to be reckoned with.


keith green no compromise bookThe Bible tells us that the “ear that listens to life-giving reproof will dwell among the wise.” Keith Green was so serious about his walk with Christ that he jumped at any opportunity to glean wisdom from more matured and seasoned Christians, and to create lasting relationships with them. He not only probed them and listened to them but he was quick to be corrected where he could be shown his error Biblically.

There are really only two options in this matter: Either our ultimate goal is to honor Christ and find life-giving correction a blessing, or we allow our pride to shield us from it and we essentially stop growing.

We all as Christians should humbly and wholeheartedly choose the former.


Think for just a moment about the massive impact that God brought about through Keith Green: LDM Ministries with a 250,000 person email list, missions, music, evangelism, etc. Now think about this:

He was a Christian for only 7 years!

The only way one can have this kind of impact in just 7 years is to be a person completely sold out to Christ and living with an eternal mindset every single day.

When he saw a need, he by default sought to meet it no matter the cost or the doubt, and because of his “fame” he was able to easily pull resources together each time to do it.

Now I am not saying that God calls everyone to such a rigorous life and of course we are not all childhood music prodigies, but it should at least encourage us to consider how we spend our days, how we value our relationships, and if we are making an effort to seize every opportunity that God brings to us and be found faithful to him.


This is one of the best biographies that I have read in quite a while. Millions of lives have been impacted by his ministry and are still being impacted by it.

Now we are not all called to this type of lifestyle. We all have been given specific purposes in life and our calling is to be found faithful in it.

We are to fight the good fight and finish this race.

But remember to live as if you could finish it any day. Be intentional about each day. Be zealous in all that you do.

Seize the opportunities that God gives you (this also means to be on the lookout for them!).

Love your kids and your wife. Share the love of Jesus in word and deed.

Live in light of eternity!

Click here to get the book!

Many of you grew up listening to Keith Green….how has he impacted your life? Have you ready the biography? What did you think about it?

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