A New Generation Brewing

new generation

As the mist lingers from an industrial era and technology continues to advance, people are wising up to the follies of our past century. 

Our (great)grandfathers saved their money and escaped debt while our parents welcomed the plastic card, served as test subjects for boxed meals, and worked decades in the same factories returning daily to their humble suburban seclusions where we found our beginnings. It is the era of the public school, yet now void of promised long term job security, a fast food and indoors lifestyle, void of the rising number of diseases, and a wearily sought retirement, void of the promised government pampering.

But, there is a new generation brewing. People are tired of bureaucrats, trade unions, lost freedoms, required “certifications,” permissions to homeschool, fractional reserve banking, land restrictions, genetically modified foods and frozen meals. Newlyweds are starting homesteads, becoming self-sufficient, homeschooling their kids, passing up the grocery store for the Farmer’s Market. People are substituting the assembly line for creative home businesses and brewing their own beer. Fresh food abounds, taste buds are re-adapting, kids are milking cows again and being taught and trained well by “uneducated” moms and dads who “get it.”

Churches once on fire have now been quenched, but turn the globe and see what was once quenched now set on fire. Yet, also note the rising brood of young, bible believing, Christ exalting men and women who are raising godly families and spreading the Kingdom of God to a generation to come. The world (and the dispys) see our globe dimming, but God is raising up a generation to combat it with the glorious Gospel of grace and victory in all facets of life.

As hearts are changed and darkened minds are renewed (Eph. 4)…….as image bearers are being restored in righteousness and holiness, people are, whether they admit it or not, taking dominion over the creation they currently reside in. Biblical concepts such as private property, free markets, just weights and measures, family education, etc. are becoming worthy of debate to a young and upcoming generation. Church groups are found 12,000 feet praying for entire cities, families are harvesting their own meals, dinner tables include dad, husbands are loving their wives, wives are submitting, and as the church “spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere” (2 Cor.3:14). Be encouraged………. it is an exciting time to live wholeheartedly for Him.

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