Why Millennials Are More Pro-Life

Here is an encouraging article on why Millennials are more pro-life than their parents’ generation. 

They cite important reasons such as the advancement of ultrasound technology, missing siblings due to abortion, harmful effects on the body, the recent hideous exposures of Planned Parenthood, rallies, etc., and rightly so…praise God!

Yet there is another reason that I think should be taken into account. Those advocating for abortions are themselves aborting and using abortive contraceptives. Many modern humanists have no desire for children, and if they do then they often will keep it to one. Any more than this will become a burden. Christians on the other hand are pro-life and should value children. Thus, over time, mathematically the scale has shifted to favor those who have not murdered their children and raised them to oppose it. Let’s keep up the momentum. 

The Bible says Christ must reign until he has made his enemies a footstool, then the end will come. The mustard seed continues to grow. Christians should still be in the business of fruitfulness and multiplying. Children are a heritage from the Lord. As humanists fail to have children and Christians continue to have and adopt those the humanists do not want, by the grace of God we can turn the tables on abortion. 

Now to sway those dispensationalists……

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