Means of Sanctification: Children



Children, the color gray changer
those who expose and unclothe your anger
genetically reflect our wrecked behavior
those in the image of the One in the manger

God proclaims them a gift, a blessing
Blessed is a quiver full shot in our direction

But out of the heart comes the issues of life
I find myself snappy, impatient, contrite
The goodness I’m faced with I’m unable to savor
as they genetically reflect my wrecked behavior
as we genetically mimic our Adamic nature

However, they remain a gift given
When we see them as trouble, irritations,
instead of the future disciplers of nations,
the verdict is in, the problem is us,
aberrant parents, so self-centeredly driven.

Now we are, even though it was damaged,
progressively being restored to True image,
in righteousness, knowledge, holiness, and with this,
comes trials, afflictions, discomfort,
this discipline happens as proof that He loves us

We train up our children, they expose our training
we must walk in the Spirit, His fruit is patience
mortify the flesh, sanctification.


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