How To Keep Half Of Your Mortgage Payment

For those of you who get paid every two weeks, you can keep half of your mortgage payment, two paychecks a year (July & December), without any worry.

mortgage payment
Here is how:

*Note: This only works for those who get paid every two weeks AND if you budget half of your mortgage or rent every paycheck. So if your mortgage payment is $1000, that means you budget $500 every paycheck. 

Hypothetical Mortgage Payment Schedule

So sticking with the above example of a $1000 mortgage payment, say you received your paycheck on, and paid your mortgage (or rent) on January 1. Now follow this payday list for 2016:  

Jan 1 – PAID
Jan 15 – $500
Jan 29 – $500 and PAID
Feb 12 – $500
Feb 26 – $500 and PAID
Mar 11 – $500 
Mar 25 – $500 and PAID
April 8 – $500 
April 22 – $500 and PAID
May 6 – $500 
May 20 – $500 and PAID
June 3 – $500
June 17 – Pocket
Jul 1 – $500 and PAID

Note that the $500 from June 17 is not needed as you receive a paycheck again on the day your mortgage is due. Therefore, you get a paycheck to pocket the $500. 

The Mechanics

Why is this? Because two paychecks = 28 days. 

There are seven months with 31 days, four with 30. Do the math and you will see that eventually things cycle around. The date gets moved back a little each paycheck so that in 6 months it has rewound by one paycheck, giving you an extra one to cover the second $500. 

The Reason

If you do not budget, you may not have ever “technically” known this. You probably just realize in the spur of the moment that your mortgage or rent is not due this paycheck. Celebrate!

If you do budget you probably already know this. 

So why did I post this? Because, like I said, if you do budget and are intentional about what I have mentioned above, it can be an opportunity twice a year to get ahead. Maybe an opportunity to take a trip; maybe to pay off some debt or start an emergency fund; maybe to treat your family; or maybe, for some, to get back on your feet. 

Don’t let this sneak up on you. Plan for it. Be intentional.


Is this something that you already knew and plan for? Did you not know know the mechanics behind this but strangely noticed an extra sum twice a year? Let’s discuss in the comments. 

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