Jesus Bless My Child This School Year…

….as I send him where you have asked me not to!

jesus bless my childI find it interesting that Americans Christians are, by way of FB statuses, Twitter posts, etc., petitioning Jesus to watch over and bless their children this year in government schools. Now I pray He does, but it brings up a good question: Why are we asking God to bless our children when we are sending them to an anti-Christian, immoral, and socialist institution for 40 hours a week instruction???? Why do we ask God to bless our efforts in something he denounces? We want Christianity to flourish in our nation but our children are instructed in knowledge apart and separate from God, the religion of humanism. We wonder what happen to our children when they stray from the faith of their parents, meanwhile giving them ample training in how to depart from the faith before we train them up. We tell them to be honest in their answers and to not take anything that is not theirs, but ourselves take part in the forced taxation of others to pay for them. We look to honor God by obeying his word, yet ignore the texts that demand that parents provide their children with a total Christian worldview. 

Let’s stop complaining about how far our nation has gone astray from its Biblical roots and how our children have become immoral if we keep sending them to be trained in secular humanism. Somewhere along the line a generation will have to pause and evaluate what we are doing, why we now see this as the norm, and whether its time to turn from it. I am thankful that many in this generation are doing so. 

**Here is a concise but powerful article by Voddie Baucham on why you should not sent your children back to public school. 

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