start a wordpress blog

Start a website! Start a WordPress Blog today at little cost and ease. 

You have two options in order to start a WordPress blog:

1. Let me set it up for you!

I have a number of packages options from a basic setup to a fully customized site. Shoot me your information and lets get started!

2. I can walk you through it.

To start a WordPress blog here are the instructions:

To create your own website you need THREE THINGS:

  1. A Host – a host basically rents you your own space on the web. I highly recommend HostGator (link below). I use them myself and have had nothing but good things to say about them.
  2. A Domain – A domain is going to be your URL ( You create this through your hosting site as well.
  3. WordPress – Free and installs in seconds.

How To Set Up A Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Head over to HostGator to set up WordPress
45-day money back guarantee | Use code optimism to get your first month for a penny!

**If you do visit HostGator through the link above, The Lens of Optimism earns some credit at zero cost to you. Thanks for your support!

1. First let’s head over to and select Get Started Now.

start a wordpress blog

2. Next, you are presented with three options/plans. I recommend the Baby plan as it gives you unlimited domains. Many find that they want to add another domain later and this gives you that option. If you know for sure you just want one domain, then Hatchling will work for you also. Click Sign Up Now to select a plan.

start a wordpress blog

3. Next, you will choose a Domain. Type in the desired website name and HostGator will let you know if it is available. 

start a wordpress blog

4. Next, choose your Hosting Plan. Your Package Type is the plan you chose above (Hatchling or Baby). Your Billing Cycle dropdown will let you select how many months you buy in advance or allow you to just go with one month for now and pay on a monthly basis. The more up front, the more the savings.

start a wordpress blog

5. Next, enter your billing info.


6. Next, look through the additional services offered and choose based on your needs. They each have a brief explanation to guide you.

Next, review your Order Details, make sure you put in the Coupon Code (optimism) for 25% off, and select Checkout Now.


7. Now, Check Your e-mail Inbox for a confirmation email titled Your Account Info.

Keep this handy. This will include your HostGator Billing login as well as your HostGator Customer Portal login information.

Click on the link for your Control Panel, and enter your User Name and Password to login to HostGator’s control panel.

start a wordpress blog

8. Welcome to HostGator’s Control Panel. Now scroll down and in the Software and Services section, click on Quick Install option.


9. Next, on the Quick Install page you want to choose WordPress located in the menu at the top.

start a wordpress blog

10. Next, you want to choose the Install WordPress For Free option.

start a wordpress blog

12. Almost done! Next, you want to enter in your Information. Your website name (leave “install/path/here” field blank), your admin email, Your Blog Title, admin user (your username to login into WordPress on your site, and your first and last name.

Now hit Install WordPress.

After the installation is complete, you should see a Congratulations! below as well as your Admin Area link, your Username, and your Password.

*The Admin Area/login will always be yourwebsite/wp-admin.
**It may take a little time before the installation is complete. If you go to your admin area and it is an error, give it a few minutes.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You now have a self-hosted WordPress website.

Thanks for allowing me to help you start a WordPress blog