Homeschooling Part 2: Resources

In Part 1 I discussed what books we use for Christian Homeschooling. In this post I am briefly going to point out a few resources that we have found helpful.

The life of the Christian should be rooted in God’s revealed word and we should have our kids memorize it while they are young (and their memory is sharp). We currently use and enjoy the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System. Whatever your views are of the Charlotte Mason approach, the scripture memory system is great. Watch the video on the page to get set up and start memorizing verses alongside your children.             

Chants and songs are useful resources as well in the elementary years to memorize geography, anatomy, history, etc. The ACCS website, which you should familiarize yourself with, offer a number of these in PDF form for download. The two we have used this year are the Character Call-Outs and Assembly Sayings. Lots of truth packed into short, easily remembered statements. Check it out.

Most of our curriculum comes from Veritas Press. They have a free catalog that you can request and it is packed with good stuff. If anything, use the catalog for a list of books to pick up from your local library. 

As was intended by the Westminster Divines as a question and answer tool for teaching children Biblical truths, the Westminster Shorter Catechism should be a document read and memorized by your children (even if you disagree with a few and want skip those, you would probably affirm the majority of it). The edition we use is the First Catechism. This is also available in song format for memorization as well.

Finally, do not forget your most important resource, your local library. If you want to raise a reader keep lots of good books on hand and you can check them out for free at your library (and then of course buy the good ones). Most libraries also have movies, audiobooks, etc. 

Homeschooling Part 3: Schedules

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