Homeschooling Is Easy: Self Taught Curriculum

Homeschooling is easy…….

……. We are just making it too complicated!

Homeschooling is easy? There are hundreds of websites, companies, and catalogs full of books, curriculums, charts, time management resources, etc. and we frantically search them each year looking for the best schedules/books/routines for our children. We spend many hours in the morning sitting with our kids, meeting each deadline and time frame, running around, and find ourselves quickly worn out. But does it have to be this hard? What if after your children learn to read you could spend a max of 15 minutes a day with your children in their schooling?

It is important to stop and consider: Are we teaching our kids to think or are we curriculum
doing all the thinking for our kids? As our children age and take on a life of their own, they will need to be able to think for themselves, solve problems on their own, and thrive in a real world.

So here is what I propose, and what my family has done…… a little hard work teaching them to read when they are little and then guiding them into doing their schooling independently:


  1. Teach your little children the alphabet song and a phonics song (ah, ah, Apple, b, b, ball, c, c, cat, d, d, doll……) until they memorize them. Print out letters of the alphabet and teach them one a day until they learn the letters.
  2. Purchase these preschool activity sheets and work through them (phonics, shapes, etc.)
  3. Purchase this book and go through the short lessons to teach them to read.


Begin a curriculum such as the Robinson Curriculum or the Ron Paul Curriculum, both designed for self-learning/teaching. I would encourage the Robinson Curriculum as that is what we have experience with and its a one time purchase good for all kids, through all grades. For reading, the books are included with the program and include the great books of our history (literature, economics, history, science, readers, etc.). Math begins with the memorization of flash cards then Saxon Math in which the child teaches himself through each lesson. Writing/spelling/grammar is learned organically by writing a half page essay about any topic daily.

Our schedule is set up in this order daily: Math, Writing, Vocabulary, Reading (which includes literature, history, science, etc,)

The expectations are set. They work through each and bring to either me or my wife for proofing, and then we correct as necessary.

Most importantly, they are encouraged to follow directions and learn the concepts on their own and to spend time working through the materials themselves. The unnecessary “busy work” is left out, the curriculum advances fast, and the great books of history are read. Encourage your children, congratulate them on their hard work, and prepare them for whatever challenge throws at them while getting on with your day as well. Homeschooling is easy…….well….for the parent at least =). Don’t over-complicate things. 

Your thoughts are appreciated…….