Government Schools: The Correctly Held Controller

Back in my high school days I was fond of video games, and more specifically, video games on the Nintendo 64 platform. The controller for the 64 was to be held mainly with the left hand controlling the joystick, and the right pressing the buttons. For some reason when I first played picked up the controller, I held it backwards. I used the joystick with my right hand, and actually turned the controller to the left, wrapped my left hand around to control the buttons. This was how I learned to play and it became the norm for me…..a norm that I probably did not share with many.

Imagine if we were to find out one day that the creator of that controller had intended for it to be held backwards, as I had used it? And what if the way everyone else held it was in actuality not how it was intended? It had just been practiced by everyone, there had been no need to question that method, and it was deemed, by default, the right way!

Since being granted a second birth in 2005, having my eyes opened to see the kingdom of God, there has been an increasing frustration in my life. This frustration has been the slow and tedious untangling of fabricated, contradicting, and lifeless webs spun over a lifetime, by the arachnid, hungry mother of humanism. Sure I could look to my family, who were cultural Christians who taught us to piously give to the Lord an hour a week on Sunday, but I would venture to say that I probably  attribute it completely to my countless 40-hour weeks of indoctrination in government schools.

government schoolsThe cultural norm of sending our children to government schools has become the Nintendo 64 controller properly held. No one questions it. Why would I not hold it this way? Not sending our children to government schools is seen as straying from the cultural norm. It is holding the controller backwards. Yet it, according to the manual of God’s revealed word, it is not only the biblical norm, but commanded. Our correct way is the majority and a lie, and our incorrect way is the minority, and the truth. It takes the manual to differentiate.

God has given us his revelation regarding himself, his creation, man, sin, work, providence, society, culture, governments, knowledge, ethics, etc. He has given us life and has revealed to us the truth of who we are, why we are here, why things are like they are, and what our purpose and end are. If we reject this revelation we are left to our own autonomy, teetering between totalitarianism and anarchy, and ultimately cannot progress as a society. Everyone becomes their own god, everyone has their own law, and with all things relative and equal, as Rushdoony once stated, everything becomes “equally important and at the same time equally meaningless.”

I was sent to government school as a non-Christian. I subconsciously soaked up everything. I learned truth void of God. Everything stemmed from man as interpreter and final arbiter. Fifteen years later…..and ten years as a Christian, I still am picking at the briars of humanism.

To the Christians who send their children to be trained in government schools, they (your children) will be long after graduation pulling off the same briars. They will long after graduation continue their contribution in the stagnation of the growth of the Kingdom of God.

What are they learning? Are they learning that History is the creation and unfolding providence of God? That time began with his creating all things in six days? That he created the first man out of dust and fully grown? That he ordains whatsoever comes to pass and that all of history is the working of his hand? Are these the presuppositions underlying all knowledge and truth? 

Not at all. Actually these truths are hard for many Christians today to take serious and apply practically, especially when it comes to serious, “intelligent” discussion with other adults. They do not want to mix their “relationship” with religion. When pushed by unbelievers they are unsure what in the Bible is truly fact or fiction. Biblical history is a separate event than “secular” history. Christian schools are chided and ridiculed for teaching creationism. In addition, government schools have revised their textbooks to leave God out of their curriculum, teaching events such as a Thanksgiving in which the Pilgrims gave thanks to the Indians, that the Christian Middle Ages were dark and dismal era that was rescued by the Renaissance, that the crusades were an abomination, that the Puritans were dull witch-hunters, that the tides of history ebb and flow according to the chaotic and ever-changing evolved world, a world filled with inhabitants that were previously primordial goop.

So here is my quandary: If the Bible says that the Father has given the nations to the son as an inheritance, why am I the radical when I bring this up to other Christians? If Paul gives us the duties of the civil magistrate, an office appointed by God, why am I continually corrected that Christianity has nothing to say in regards to politics. Moreover, if the Bible says in the great commission that as a result of all authority in heaven and on earth given to Christ, Christians are to “disciple the nations,” “baptize the nations,” and “teach the nations to obey God’s law,” why am I then rebuked when advocating for a Christian nation? Why would it be a bad thing for a Christian to advocate for a Christian nation??? One answer: Government Schools.

We still have worldviews constructed by webs of humanism. We have a hard time thinking Biblically because we government school graduates have been taught EVERYTHING apart from God as the presupposition and foundation for knowledge and truth. We operate under God’s jurisdiction inside the church, and “nature’s” jurisdiction outside of the church. Thus…we have given no thought to the practicality and application of Christianity in all areas of life, in exercising dominion in all areas as far as the curse is found. Government schools have been, from the beginning, an institution designed to “secularize” education, making it about “civic virtue and efficiency rather than a religious worldview,” and to make it a “function of the civil government, not families.” Our children are taught, with their propagandized textbooks, a humanist worldview in regards to existence, knowledge, and ethics. The system’s prescribed view of government, law, morality, purpose, etc. is revised and taught without criticism or critique, with man as the final arbiter, and most importantly without examining any presuppositions.

These are the children of the next generation. Whoever controls them, controls the future. If God grants them repentance and faith during or after completing this institution, praise God! But, they will then join those of us who are still untangling the web of lies and propaganda.

If we wish to advance society and most importantly the Kingdom of God, we have to heed the words of Proverbs 1:8:

“My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother”

We, parents, have to be there to teach them, from birth, the comprehensive revelation of God and his law (Deut. 6). We have to stop putting stumbling blocks in front of them and stop sending them to those who will teach them to deny the faith of their parents.

The government schooling institution has become the correctly held controller. It has succeeded well in what it intended. Yet, the incorrectly held controller holds the truth, and we need to work to see that it changes hands.


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