Evangelicals Changing Their Minds On Gay Marriage?

gay marriageTime magazine recently posted a piece titled, “How Evangelicals Are Changing Their Minds on Gay Marriage.” It asserts that evangelical communities are “arriving at new crossroads over marriage.” Many are divided. New questions are being asked and a number of examples are given. “….religious change takes decades, centuries even, when it happens at all. But with each passing day it is becoming harder and harder to deny that change is indeed coming.” 

I believe there are two main issues underlying this “division.”

First and most important, the matter is not so much evangelicals changing their minds on the ‘gay’ issue than it is evangelicals changing their minds on the authority of the Bible. If the Bible in its entirety is taken as ‘God breathed,’ it is clear on the issue of gay marriage. However, what has happened is we have, as Voddie Baucham says, ‘been playing fast and loose with the text.’ Our pulpits are fluffed. Our Bibles are closed. Our opinions have trumped His standard. We want God’s word to fit our lives instead of our lives governed by his word. 

Second, the issue is with the family. One of the biggest factors as to why certain notable Christians have caved on the ‘gay marriage’ issue is that they have had a close family member unexpectedly come out of the closet. They are forced to face the issue that they previously spoke out on, up close and personal. They begin to question themselves and their beliefs. They want to “continue to love” that family member, and so they manipulate the text to allow for a God that is okay with homosexuality. Its idolatry. But lets take it a step further: Are parents teaching their children that homosexuality is a sin? Are they equipping them for a culture who thinks otherwise?  Are they preparing their daughters for marriage from childhood and their sons to one day lead a family? Better yet, are they teaching their children to fear God and pursue holiness?

God’s word has to be the standard and it has to be regardless of the ebbs and flows of culture. If not, you could begin to sound like this “pastor” in the article:

“I refuse to go to a church where my friends who are gay are excluded from Communion or a marriage covenant or the beauty of Christian community,” Meeks tells me. “It is a move of integrity for me—the message of Jesus was a message of wide inclusivity.

A message of wide inclusivity? I’ll leave you with that……

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