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An Important Sermon….Do Listen

Deuteronomy is a book for today. It was as significant to those whom had the sign of the covenant then (circumcision) as to us who have the sign of the covenant today (baptism). God’s blessing and cursings (Deut. 28) toward his covenant people are as relevant and important today as it was then. Obedience as …

Samuel Chadwick: The Path To Prayer

Diligent prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit often take the back burner among Reformed Christians. Yes I know that we have remarkable men of the faith (Calvin, etc.) that have done great works on the Holy Spirit and prayer, but today’s modern, young, vibrant Reformed Christians, who in their …

Joe Kennedy: Depopulate Your School

So another “defiant” public school employee, this time a high school football coach by the name of Joe Kennedy, has his hand slapped as he seeks to pray in public after his games. In response to a complaint, he was ordered to stop the public prayers, yet was given permission to engage instead …

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