Behind A Transgender Decree, He Hides Restored Families


A Stir To Action

The trans-agenda being currently pushed in government schools is miles away from being settled. It cousin, gay marriage, was an easy push all around because a large percentage of Americans could care less what happens in the lives of others. However, when an issue hits home and they have it invade their personal lives, they will be stirred to action. The transgender “decreebeing pushed on government schools has come to visit the sons and daughters of many sleeping moms and dads. It has woken them up from their mechanical American routine. They do not want boys in the bathrooms with their daughters. All the studies and philosophies as to whether this is really a legitimate threat are meaningless when it comes knocking at the doorstep of people’s own children.

Now I am wholly opposed to government schooling and believe all Christians should be. It is completely antithetical to the Christian faith for myriads of reasons (here are 5). It is a humanist factory; an organization that thrives on destroying, in children, the faith of their parents (as well as many other things).

Surface Evil, Core Good

Now the Bible gives us this reassuring truth amid the redemptive story of Joseph and the preservation of God’s people:

But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive (Gen. 50:20)

The evil that Joseph’s brothers did to him was in God’s economy a good thing. Why? “ save much people alive.” More on this in a moment.

Now there have been for years Christian leaders opposing government schooling. However, it has been documented that 85% of Christian parents still send their kids there. They are not listening. They are not considering the arguments against it or the detrimental influence it has on Christendom.

Now we have the Federal Government attempting to feed their transgender Similac to all of their created babies (the schools). As noted above, it has personally affected families and people are NOW listening. Parents are pushing back. Schools and communities are being split. Friendships are being broken. People are taking a firm stand, for and against. Rifts are happening.

Again……people are now listening.

A Providential Possibility

As this national transgender rumpus continues, and it will continue, I have to wonder whether God is using something evil (gender fluidity/psychology/abuse) to bring about something good (an exit from government schools, restoring education back to families). Of course we cannot know the “secret things” of the Lord, but it never hurts to wonder or even give ample room for His possibilities.

What if, given that the warnings of humanist education has for decades fallen on deaf ears, that God is now using this wickedness to stir up his people??


If this is so, how will the Christian community respond to it? Should we as Christians be looking for opportunities to lend a hand; to show them the Biblical importance of education being primarily a duty of the family; the practicality and effectiveness of homeschooling; how to overcome the obstacles and objections they may have that would otherwise deter them? How can we make ourselves available to help and encourage those who need it? Would this not be a great opportunity to further the kingdom, to assist in restoring families, to help children, and to look to better the future generation?

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