Awkward Moments – Target

I made a trip to Target several months ago to pick up a few things. It had just gotten dark and I had chosen a parking space in the row that is right in line with the front door. The staggered lamps above were glowing, giving light to the parking lot as I began my distant stride to the front door. I then noticed from afar a man coming out of the Target entrance that I knew. I recognized him. Who was he? About that time he smiled, threw his shock1hand up in the air, and waved. I smiled back in confirmation that I did indeed recognize him, but I still couldn’t put a finger on his name. As we made our way closer to each other it was a rather joyful, jolly stroll, anticipating our soon meeting. As we approached one another I extended my hand, as did he. We found ourselves directly under a street lamp when we joined our hands in a firm shake. As my smiling face met his under the direct light, this sweet moment immediately turned sour. Our faces fell as we both simultaneously realized we didn’t know each other at all.

Unlike in the last awkward moments post, small talk here was unavoidable and went something like this:

Me: “Hey….”
Him: “And you are….?”
Me: “…..I totally thought you were someone else.”

(By the way, some people feel the need to justify the awkward moment and act like they still know you, hence the next response…..)

Him: “I thought you were someone else, too, but you do look familiar. Which church do you go to?”
Me: I told him.
Him: “No…thats not it. You know what,……I don’t think I know you.” 
Me: “I totally thought you were someone else. Have a good night.”

Small talk not avoided. Awkward moment.

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