Awkward Moments – Same Last Name

I was at at the local Mexican restaurant the other day, and as I was standing there waiting for our ‘take out’ order to be ready a lady that I knew mexicanfrom childhood came up behind me waiting for her order. Now I recognized her, but from the reaction she gave as I casually looked to see who was behind me, it was apparent that she did not recognize me at all. So I was in the clear and my sometimes introverted, hungry self didn’t have to make small talk. However, what makes this scene amusing is that we both have the same LAST NAME, but at this moment only to my knowledge. So here we are waiting in line when the man behind the counter yells out loud my (our) last name. At that moment I realized that for her, it meant simply that her order was ready. But for me, exclusively knowing that we have the same last name, knew it could be either of ours. I could step up and claim it being fully aware of the implications that if it was hers I would have to resort to making small talk anyway. Or I could wait for her to make the move and risk letting my order go out the door with the wrong person. In a split-second decision, having the right food seemed weightier in importance than small talk so I quickly stepped up and claimed it.  Thankfully, it was mine. I gathered my goods, gave her a smile, and took a hard left to the door. Small talk averted. Food obtained.


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