An Unnecessary Distinction

It’s strange that many Christians, when confronted with why they are opposed to same-sex marriage, cite that because they are Christians, they “don’t believe its right.” “It may be okay for you, but I am a Christian so I am against it.” It is stated as if God has a separate standard for us than he has for the non-Christian or the one who is pro same-sex marriage (in our day in age we have to strangely make that pseudo-distinction). Your team allows it and mine doesn’t. In addition, it is often accompanied with with a regretful and remorseful tone…as if something is being missed out on. However, because someone disagrees with God, doesn’t make them except from his commands. He has commanded that all people, everyone repent. Why? Because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed.

So let’s not make this unnecessary distinction. No one is exempt. Revise your response to include something along the lines of: “Because the God who created all things, including you and me, has said….

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