Hi, my name is Travis Rodgers, and travisrodg.com is my site. Thanks for visiting! Read on to learn how my site can help you in ‘Conquering Life, One Intention at a Time.’

Travis Rodgers

My presupposition:

I am a Christian. Man’s chief end is to serve God and enjoy him forever. Conquering life means operating within the framework of the one who created and upholds all things, and applying his truth to all areas of life. For a statement of faith, see The Westminster Confession of Faith.

Who my site can help

I launched this site in 2014 and has continued to grow into a valuable resource for people looking to become more intentional about their personal lives and habits, their finances, their families, careers, faith, intentionality and quality of their life and the lives of those around them. 

What I blog about

Though this blog began with a more broad focus, it has narrowed itself to this summary and purpose: Conquering Life One Intention at a Time. We only get one life, and all things are a gift from God that we are to be faithful stewards of. How do we faithfully and effectively steward? There are so many of us just drifting through life with no definite intentions or goals. Thus, my desire is to help you become intentional about everything that is of priority in your life and to live in the truth, not the suppression of it.

Below are some of the topics I write about:

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Why I blog

I blog simply to stop people from drifting through life and start becoming intentional in conquering it according to God’s Word. Everything I produce will have the intent of providing some sort of value to you in this regard, and much of it from my own past mistakes and lessons learned. 

About my family

I have been happily married to my wife, Shova, since 2006. We married in her country, Nepal, and have very close ties there. Since then we have been through ups and downs that are typical of most marriages, but have grown stronger and closer because of it.

Travis Rodgers

We have four children, two girls and two boys ranging from 1 to 8. Like our marriage, parenting has had its ups and downs and has been a tremendous source of growth and joy for us both.

We live in Virginia on our little 3 acre plot and enjoy life in the country.

I come from a “culturally Christian” family. God graciously granted me repentance and faith later in my life at the age of 24 (a year before I was married). Though I was raised in a “culturally Christian” home I did not grow up operating in a Biblical framework in regards to marriage, fatherhood, worldview, morals, habits, etc. so God basically has started from scratch with me, and my last 10 years have been quite an adventure.

This adventure has created a story which, piece by piece, makes its way into my writings and this vision of being intentional.

Some of my popular posts






How you can contact me

I want to be available to my readers as much as I can. Sometimes life gets busy and it may take a little longer to respond, but I do my best to respond in a timely manner. Here are the best ways to reach me.

Blog Comments – I honestly appreciate it when you comment on my posts, and I do my best to respond to all of them. Please continue to let me know your thoughts on my posts and how I can best help you.

Email – Email is still a valuable and reliable medium, especially with all the smartphones today. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns or just to say hello.

Twitter – Twitter is one of my main social media platforms. Follow me @travisrodg.

Facebook – This is the other platform that I use and probably receives most of my focus. Make sure you LIKE my Page and start up a conversation on anything posted.

I Look Forward to Hearing From You!

Travis Rodgers

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