A Studious Darkness

In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not (John 1:4-5)

The above video is disturbing. Young adults doing everything in their power to deny a difference at all between men and women. Is it political correctness? Yes. Is it the pressure and influence of the media, culture, politics, etc.? Sure. 

Many of us will watch this video in a state of shock. How can these educated students think this way? How can they not see their own absurdity?

Truth be told, there was a day I would have thought the same. There are many other Bible believing Christians who also have been through this stage. How could I have thought this way? How could I honestly have come to these conclusions? While much of it is the age, immaturity, social influences, etc., it ultimately and most basically is men and women walking in darkness, denying their Creator. Jesus is the Light of the world and without him we walk in darkness (John 1:4-5). Not only do they walk in darkness, but they hate the Light and actively seek to put it out. Much to their dismay, he is the Light that has come and will not be put out (1 John 2:8). 

So while this video leaves me speechless, it also reminds me of my own similar state prior to my eyes being opened. It is a state that, in retrospect, I had no idea I was in. I was in darkness and hated the light. In fact, I could not comprehend anything but my own darkness.

So what will open their eyes? The Light of the world, the message of the Word incarnate, the power of the Gospel! 

So continue speaking the truth, coming from one who formerly needed to hear it as well. Press on! Jesus is king of heaven and earth. All authority has been given to him and he has commanded us to teach the nations. Speak boldly, in love and patience, toward those made in God’s image, those who stand in the same darkness we once stood apart from God’s grace.

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