7 Reasons You Should Consider Buying A Kindle

Consider buying a Kindle

I posted last week a list of books that I plan to finish by the end of 2016. All of these will be read on the Kindle which is my top choice and a device I find absolutely essential. Sure there are many with a hesitancy toward e-readers and a number of noteworthy reasons against it (physical touch, highlighting, etc.). However, practically I think it is a great investment especially if you are an avid reader. In fact, here are seven reasons why I think you should consider buying a Kindle:

consider buying a Kindle

1. The price of books

I think it is safe to say that I have paid full price for about 10% of my entire Kindle library. The rest were either discounted or free. In addition, more times than not, the Kindle version is cheaper than the physical copy. These are huge benefits for me. 

Amazon makes it simple to search for the free and discounted books by genre. (Of course, if you are looking for solid Christian books you can always view my Kindle page for deals, updated daily). For example, here are a few simple searches on Amazon by topic: 

Christian Theology – http://amzn.to/2bKaHDO
Christian Living – http://amzn.to/2c0hKYM
Children’s History – http://amzn.to/2cjwCR2
Travel – http://amzn.to/2bK9A7l

So the first, and for me most important benefit, is the cost of books (or the lack of cost!!). 

2. The Delivery

The second reason you should consider buying a Kindle is the delivery time. The download is instant! There is no shipping! There is no waiting! There is no lost delivery. 

Yeah I know about that great feeling of getting a book in the mail, but this is instant!

3. The Conveniency

You know the feeling when you are going out of town and you want to pack a bunch of books in your bag that you “might want to read.” Or when you are taking a flight somewhere for a few days but don’t want to carry all that weight. 

Well, the third reason you should consider buying a Kindle is the conveniency of having a large number of books on one device; highly portable and lightweight. No large stack of books, but just one device to hold many books. Concerning those books I aim to finish by the end of 2016, with the Kindle I do not have to worry about carrying these around if I am out of town or on a trip, I just need one device that holds them all. 

4. The Durability

Books wear out. Pages rip. Spines disconnect. Little kids get into them! This is a problem everyone will face eventually! Not a problem with the Kindle. 

5. The Dictionary

This is a feature I never imagined I would use much, but actually use a lot! Whenever you come across a word that you are not familiar with, or just need its precise meaning, just place and hold your finger on the word and it will give you the definition immediately. Click anywhere off of it and you are back to reading. 

6. The Screen Ease

The majority of the Kindles are designed to be very easy on the eyes. The “E-ink” screen is not backlit, there is no blue light, and it reads like a sheet of paper. Sure it does not glow in the dark, but they make accessories for it if that is what you need (or get the “frontlit” Paperwhite version). This reason rules out my desire for an iPad or the Kindle Fire for reading.

7. The Loan With Guarantee

Finally, the seventh reason you should consider buying a Kindle is the loan feature. You can digitally loan someone a book for 14 days. It disables on your device and is on their device for 14 days. What is great about this is that after 14 days time is up for them. No reminders and no lost time, it is a guarantee that you will have it back on time. 


All this being said, getting an e-reader such as the Kindle may not be your cup of tea. That is fine. But if you have ever considered it, I find it to be a decision that pays for itself and highly recommend that you do. 

Do you use an e-reader? What are your favorite things about it? If you do not, what are the reasons against it?

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