5 Steps To Redeeming Family Time After Work

redeeming family time after work

To the men out there, how is your energy when you get home from work? Are you able to find your second wind and serve your family or are you tired and just looking for a place to crash? I mean… you have been at work all day right?

Lately, I have slipped into the latter more than the former, especially with the extra demands at work over the past two months. And for me it’s not so much looking to crash as it is just being out of energy, out of focus, etc.

I walk in the door to loud kids, a crying baby, etc. My son asks me to come check out his newest Lego creation. I climb on his bed to comfortably view what he has built and the next thing I know i’m dozing.

Not cool.

Why? Because I’m a dad. I have children to raise and nurture. I’m a husband. I have a wife to love and serve. My duties here are very important…much more important than my day at work.

My wife has also been busy with the kids all day, she needs a break. Why do I get a pass?

Redeeming Family Time After Work

Well, the best way to beat this is to become proactive and intentional about finding that second wind, that focus, that energy.

Therefore, I came up with a game plan. Here are my five steps to preparing myself to proactively redeem the time every day after work…and it begins with the drive home.

1. Refocus

The first step is to make sure that when you leave work, you leave it behind physically and mentally. This means that you should not bring work home to do AND you should clear your head mentally of it.

This step should happen the moment you step foot out of your office.

Many of us are still at work mentally when interacting with our families in the evenings, especially if there is a daily issue left unresolved or a busy season at work.

Regardless of what many may tell you, it is not possible to give your all to your wife and kids and at the same time have work cycling through your head.

Leave the papers there and clear your mind of it for the rest of the day.

2. Realize

Second, take a moment to realize and absorb the importance of this second phase of your day.

Hear me out: Your home ministry is immensely more valuable and eternally rewarding than your job.

Ponder on this during your ride home.

3. Reach Out

Third, and the first thing to do when you get home, is to reach out and greet each family member specifically. Whether this is to make your way through the different rooms of the house or to knock it all out at the dinner table, acknowledge each one and take the time to listen to them.

And inadvertently, this keeps you from finding a place to crash.

4. Rearrange

Fourth, and after you have greeted your family, get out of your work clothes. Why? Because as long as you have on your nice Khakis and dress shirt you will inevitably avoid getting “dirty.” And by dirty I mean playing with the kids, changing diapers, doing odd jobs around the house for your wife, picking up the child who has greasy pizza hands, etc.

So put on some jeans. And no…don’t put on your pajamas either, its not bedtime.

5. Recharge

Finally, see to it that you are getting adequate sleep. This is so vital when it comes to our performance, productivity, health, mood, and ultimately loving God and loving neighbor.



Be intentional about the second and most important phase of your day, your home ministry. In fact, I have created this chart for you to print out and place somewhere in your car. Look it over and prepare before you pull in the driveway. Make it a habit.

Be intentional!

Do you find it hard to get that second wind sometimes when getting home from work? What steps have you taken to help you redeem this important time?

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