2016: Time To Re-focus – Some Blog Changes


So I want to briefly note a few changes happening to this site (and its associated social media outlets). It is always a good thing to step back from any normal routine, evaluate it and make changes where changes are due.

Well, an evaluation has happened, and here are the results. I’ll keep it brief since the specifics are not at all yet set in stone:

What Will Happen

A Name Change/Focus

Again, details not set in stone, but basically this comes from a desire to write sometimes on a more personal note and about things regarding my own daily life/lessons and endeavors. God has dealt me a rather interesting deck of cards over the past decade and continues to do so. No? Well here is a pic of my beloved in-laws and I:



There are times when I desire to write about this deck of cards…..or post a helpful tutorial…or a snapshot of the house we are closing on today……or some passing thoughts/exhortation, but I feel the blog currently has too specific of a focus to allow that.

In addition, this focus begs that every post have a lesson, some kind of discernment or warning, and there are myriads of these types of blogs out there. Therefore, instead of the word “optimism” or “issues” driving everything I write, I’ll simply write from my own designation (name) and sometimes on a more personal level (though again, much of the focus will stay the same). This leads to point #2….


I desire to liven up things a bit and have some fun. Again, not everything needs a discernment or a warning, but instead sometimes a good laugh. In addition to this, I would like to create more discussion. End of point.


I run a recording studio as a side hobby called RightMind Studios. I also dabble in video production/editing, music production, transcription, and other multimedia endeavors. Basically, I would like to make these services available to any who could benefit from them as they read this blog, i.e. bring a service aspect to this site as well. In addition, my hopes are to do some more videos, production, etc. Who knows, maybe the word/brand RightMind will appear somewhere in the blog title?!?! Maybe I will explain at some point how that name came about.


I want this blog to bring more unity as well as encouragement to Christians worldwide. The essentials of the faith are of course a non-negotiable issue, but we have to acknowledge that Christians all around our globe are in different walks of life. We know that faith is completely a gift of God (Eph 2:8) and he has given to each a “measure” (Romans 12:3).

It seems these days, especially in the Reformed camps, that there are Christians who find their entire purpose, day in and day out, rebuking other believers for not being as “knowledgeable” or zealous as they (namely on social media), or not having every theological conundrum mastered, and hey, I’ve once been there myself to a degree. For now I’ll leave it at that as there are qualifications (there is indeed a place for rebuke, etc.), and much more that could be said, but I hope to do a better job of promoting more unity and conversation and less unnecessary discord.

What Will Not Happen

Watering Down

In case you have made the assumption, there will be no watering down of Biblical truth. God’s Word is at the forefront of every issue and must be the starting point of all truth. Nothing has changed with me and I still stand by and adhere to every past blog post/position.


The site URL will not change. Travisrodg is still a name I use on multiple platforms and will continue to do so.

Make Sure You Do This

Make sure you follow the Facebook Page!!! That is updated much more regularly than the blog.

Look for any changes to come about within the next week. They will be minor so you probably will not notice.

So stay tuned for updates. Is there anything that you would like to see changed or to added? Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!


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