10 Commandments Applied to the Family

1st Commandment: No other gods means God owns the family.

2nd Commandment: No other worship means the family that worships together stays together.

3rd Commandment: No manipulation of God’s name means man is to live by obedience to God’s law and trust Him for the results.

4th Commandment: The family is to allow God to sanction it by submitting to God’s structure of time: worship and rest one day and work the other six.

5th Commandment: Inheritance comes through faithfulness.

6th Commandment: An attack on man is destruction of the image of God. Since the “image” is “male and female” (family), murder is an assault on the family.

7th Commandment: Adultery directly affects the marriage covenant.

8th Commandment: Theft is an attempt to manipulate man. As we saw in the 3rd commandment (paralleling the 8th), man is to live by ethics not magic.

9th Commandment: Children are to learn how to sanction properly. Bearing false witness is an unlawful sanction.

10th Commandment: Coveting what belongs to another is an attempt to take someone else’s estate.

(Taken from Ray Sutton’s, Who Owns the Family?)

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